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Editor: Lawrence Rinder

By Lawrence Rinder with Matthew Higgs. Texts by Kevin Killian


Published on the occasion of a groundbreaking exhibition curated by Lawrence Rinder with Matthew Higgs, Create showcases work made at the three foremost centers for artists with developmental disabilities: Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, Creativity Explored in San Francisco, and NIAD Art Center in Richmond. These centers were founded between 1972 and 1982 by Florence Ludins-Katz and Elias Katz, who today are recognized as pioneers of the art and disabilities movement. The husband-and-wife team created studios where disabled artists were integrated into the larger art community of the Bay Area, both influencing and being influenced by other artists. This richly illustrated catalog offers an overview of the work being made at the centers, including works on paper, paintings, and sculpture. Artists include: Mary Belknap, Jeremy Burleson, Attilio Crescenti, Daniel Green, Willie Harris, Carl Hendrickson, James Miles, Marlon Mullen, Bertha Otoya, Lance Rivers, Judith Scott, and William Tyler.


Published in conjunction with the exhibition Create, on view at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive from May 11 to September 25, 2011.


Paperback. Published in 2011. 179 pages. 104 color images