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Terms of Use

UC Berkeley values the diversity of viewpoints fostered in an academic setting and is steadfast in its commitment to free speech, encouraging the open exchange of ideas and perspectives.

The BAM/PFA website, blog, and related online services (known hereafter as “BAM/PFA website”) are provided by the University of California, Berkeley to facilitate communication among the public and UC Berkeley community defined as "users", and between such users and UC Berkeley.

Certain uses of the BAM/PFA web site are inconsistent with this purpose, including, but not limited to: activities that are illegal or fraudulent; use that inaccurately implies endorsement, approval, or sponsorship by UC Berkeley (or any individual officer of the University); use that can be confused with official communications of UC Berkeley or its officers; activities that violate other users' privacy, such as transferring membership access to the system or releasing personal information about others, such as name, address, or phone number; activities that further commercial or other personal gain; harassment of any individual; or

UC Berkeley will deny further access to the BAM/PFA web site to those who engage in these or similar practices. Participants in the BAM/PFA website who misuse information and communication services may removed from future use permanently, and they could face legal action for failure to abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the code of conduct agreement. Please contact us for feedback or to report violations of this code of conduct. UC Berkeley is not responsible for the content of public comments on blogs and will not routinely monitor content. The University, however, reserves the right to reorganize or delete any postings or blogs and may at its discretion reassign a topic's ownership. UC Berkeley may deny access to the BAM/PFA website.

Cause for such termination of the BAM/PFA website shall include, but not be limited to: breaches or violations of the BAM/PFA website policies; requests by BAM/PFA website users for self-initiated account deletions; discontinuance or modification to BAM/PFA website services; and technical or security issues or problems.

Users will ordinarily receive a single warning about behavior that violates the Code of Conduct and policies governing the BAM/PFA website. The warning will cite the specific behavior or behaviors that violate the policy, invite the user to respond, and explain that rights to any and all services of the BAM/PFA website will be terminated if the cited behavior is repeated.

When a user’s BAM/PFA website service is terminated, UC Berkeley will: notify the holder of the account via an e-mail that their access to BAM/PFA website is being terminated; and terminate the access to the BAM/PFA website services.